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When there will be a parade of planets in 2022 and what astrologers say about it – find out in the UNIAN material.

Parade of planets 2022 - what does it mean /

The planetary alignment on June 24, 2022 is a rare astronomical event. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will line up in the sky in a straight line, and the Earth’s satellite will move from one planet to another until the end of the month.

UNIAN will tell you how often the parade of planets happens and how it can affect your life.

Parade of planets 2022 – how to see and where

According to science focusthe last time such a phenomenon was observed 18 years ago, and the next one is expected in 2040. You can see the parade of planets from about 1.30 to 3.00 in the morning, and some individual planets will appear in the sky as early as 00:00 hours. An hour before dawn, the inhabitants of Ukraine will be able to see with the naked eye several planets of this parade.

Scientists say that a line of two or three planets is a common event, but when there are 5-6 of them, it is a unique phenomenon. All eight planets can never line up in a perfect line – they last appeared in just one part of the sky over a thousand years ago.

Parade of planets 2022 – astrology

Experts in the field of esotericism say that the parade of planets carries the energy of destruction and transformation – thanks to the energy of space, you can remove everything unnecessary from your life.

It is during this period that you will be able to make the right decisions in life, get out of uncomfortable situations or get rid of unpleasant people. The Universe will help you find the right path, the main thing is to pay attention to the signs and be confident in your abilities.

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