Paper manufacturer SvetoCopy leaves Russia

The corporation plans to sell its main asset in Russia, the Svetogorsk Pulp and Paper Mill in the Leningrad Region, as soon as possible, but this requires the approval of the board of directors and permission from the authorities.

“We will do this in due course and are in the process of selling our Russian business. We are working to reach an agreement and plan to complete this process as soon as possible, including obtaining the approval of our board of directors, as well as the necessary government approvals to complete the transaction, ”the document says.

Svetogorsk pulp and paper mill has an annual capacity of 720 thousand tons of pulp, paper and cardboard. In 2021, Russia accounted for approximately 15% of Sylvamo’s total revenue. In early March, Sylvamo announced the suspension of operations in Russia.

Rise in price and shortage of paper

After the start of a military special operation in Ukraine and the imposition of sanctions against Russia, buyers in different regions of the country began to complain about the lack of office paper in stores. In retail outlets, retail prices for it increased by an average of four times. This was explained, among other things, by the lack of chemicals supplied from Europe. Manufacturers have reported problems with pulp bleaching chemicals.

The increase in paper prices was preceded by a statement by the Finnish chemical company Kemira to stop deliveries of sodium chlorate to Russia, which is used for these purposes. The Union of Timber Manufacturers and Exporters reports on the rise in price of office paper called “real fakes”.

At the same time, the representative of the association stressed that the situation is “difficult”. However, according to him, most components for the production of white paper are purchased from countries that have not imposed sanctions, in particular, in Uzbekistan and South Africa.

In addition, in early March, Vedomosti wrotethat the business began to face a shortage of check tape – it became very expensive and began to disappear from suppliers. This is due to the termination of the supply of raw materials, the growth of exchange rates and the disruption of the supply chain due to sanctions against Russia, the newspaper noted.

After that, the Federal Tax Service (FTS) promised temporarily not fine users of cash registers for the lack of a paper receipt, if the payment is fixed at the cash register, and there is no receipt tape due to circumstances beyond the control of the business.

In early April, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Viktor Yevtukhov said that the issue with the shortage of office paper in Russia had been resolved, and prices were gradually returning to the level of February 2022. He explained that Russian manufacturers have already found suppliers of the necessary ingredients and can produce office paper “not bright white.”

At the same time, then the deputy minister noted that the department still records a two-three-fold increase in prices for cash register tape compared to February, and in some Russian regions its deficit persists.

Victory over scarcity

However, on May 12, the Federal Tax Service statedthat now in Moscow there is no shortage of check tape, but due to the news about its absence on the market, some entrepreneurs completely stopped making settlements at the checkout and issuing checks.

According to the department, compared with the beginning of March, the average number of checks at one cash desk in the capital decreased by 3.4%. Based on the amount of the average check of 976 rubles, the amount of revenue recorded by the Federal Tax Service decreased by 47.3 billion rubles over the month.

The situation led to “infringement of consumer rights” and complaints from people, the Federal Tax Service notes. In this regard, the service conducted a study in Moscow and found out that there were no grounds for a shortage of check tape.

Since there is enough paper, the Federal Tax Service will continue to fine sellers for not issuing checks, and the shortage of paper will no longer be considered an objective reason for not issuing them.

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