Ostapchuk on the set of the show was afraid of Sukhanov’s “infection” – UNIAN

TV presenters got into a curious situation.

Vladimir Ostapchuk and Alexey Sukhanov / Instagram screenshot

Ukrainian TV presenters Vladimir Ostapchuk and Alexei Sukhanov got into a curious situation on the set of the show “Evening with Ukraine”.

During the shooting, Sukhanov’s elbow itched. Ostapchuk thought that he had some kind of contagious disease and moved away from him. But Sukhanov did not lose his head and told him not to be afraid.

“Come here! You have four of these inoculations of bad guys,” said the TV presenter.

Ostapchuk clarified that he had received only three vaccinations (against coronavirus – UNIAN). Alena Kot intervened in their conversation and added: “And one from rabies.” She also asked Sukhanov not to itch, but to stand beautifully in the frame.

Recall that earlier Ostapchuk and Sukhanov scandalized live because of Russian songs.

Ostapchuk noted that Ukrainians continued to listen to Russian music, and when Ani Lorak came to Ukraine, a lot of people came to her concert. But Sukhanov is sure that the problem is not in the Ukrainians themselves, but in the then authorities, which allowed this to be done.

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