Oleg Zhdanov told whether it is necessary to close the windows during the shelling

Fighting continues in Ukraine, caused by full-scale Russian invasion. The cities and towns of our country are being shelled and bombarded by the occupying troops, which is why Ukrainians are trying to secure their homes as much as possible. Windows are the most affected during explosions. Military expert Oleg Zhdanov explained that the consequences of a blast wave directly depend on whether the windows were closed.

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“If the windows were closed at the time of the explosion, then the excess pressure of the shock wave blows them away like an obstacle. And they are not designed to hold such strong blows. Glasses fly out immediately, even with a slight impact. Especially if these are old-style windows with thin glass,” he said.

Therefore, if at the time of the explosion the window is wide open and the impact of the shock wave is directed to the end part of the frame, then the glass will remain intact.

True, as the expert emphasized, in this case, the shock wave will fall into the apartment and demolish everything in its path. And it is dangerous for everyone who is indoors.

The best way to protect yourself and your loved ones is to seal the glass crosswise. In this case, even if the glass bursts, the fragments will not scatter and remain on the adhesive tape. This means no one gets hurt.

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