Officials were allowed to make mistakes in declarations: NAPC changed the functionality of the state register

The National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption decided to amend the Unified State Register of Declarations, allowing the declarants to make mistakes – they are reported in the press service of the NACP.

By message anti-corruption agency, declarants have the opportunity to save the draft of the declaration, even if there are logical errors.

That is, now you can not spend several hours or more filling out the declaration in order to save the draft. You can save the already completed part when it is convenient and continue filling out the declaration from the place where you left off.

At the same time, the declarant will not be able to file a declaration in which there are logical errors until he corrects them. Therefore, even if the official forgot that he saved the section in which there are logical errors and did not correct them, it will not work to file a declaration in this form.

According to the department, the innovations will simplify the mechanism for filing a declaration, and the NAPC, thus, “meets the needs of respectable officials.”

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