Odessa news today: fakes about hunger and bread lines dispelled

It is worth observing information hygiene, said the speaker of the head of the Odessa Regional Military Administration.

Information about the famine in Odessa is a fake, noted in the Odessa OVA / photo from UNIAN, Inna Sokolovskaya

Russian propagandists are spreading fake news about famine in Odessa and bread lines.

This was announced on Telegram by the speaker of the head of the Odessa Regional Military Administration Sergey Bratchuk.

He noted that fake “news” is being circulated in the relevant social networks, which are dispersing the units of the information and psychological special operations of Russia.

In particular, about the fact that there is famine in Odessa due to the fact that grain is exported. Russian propagandists claim this has led to bread lines and are circulating photos and videos of many people standing in front of the store.

“It is interesting that they took photos and videos from the Russian wilderness and write that there is famine in Odessa, grain is being exported. Well, grain is really exported, and every grain that is exported is filling our budget, filling the finances of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “, – said Bratchuk.

The speaker of the head of the Odessa OVA added that in Odessa they noticed a lie about the queues for bread, but the queues themselves were not found.

“… Observe information hygiene!”, – he noted.

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Recall that Russian invaders invaded Ukraine early in the morning of February 24 and, in particular, attacked our territory from the sea. Ports were blocked.

Later, Ukraine reached agreements with international partners on a grain corridor.

August 1 the first ship with Ukrainian food left the port of Odessa.

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