Occupiers want to “nationalize” recreation centers in Kirillovka and make long-term plans

The Russians think that they will stay in the Ukrainian territories for a long time and dream about how they will “collect tribute” from entrepreneurs.

The owners of recreation centers supposedly have to document the right to their property / photo RIA Melitopol

The Russians want to “nationalize” recreation centers in the temporarily occupied Kirillovka. They make long-term plans and dream that vacationers from Moscow will come there.

This is reported “RIA Melitopol”.

So, in the resort Kirillovka, collaborator Andrey Siguta, who calls himself “the head of the Melitopol administration”, gathered all the owners of recreation centers. He and the illegal “mayor” of the city, Ekaterina Umanets, said that all owners of recreation centers must document the right to their property, such as cottages at recreation centers, swimming pools, land plots.

Rashists even set deadlines. If before October 1 or, at most, before the end of the year, entrepreneurs do not provide the occupiers with documents, then the recreation centers will be “nationalized”.

‚ÄúSiguta also ordered all entrepreneurs to register at the Center for the Provision of Administrative Services (now it is the Migration Service of the Russian Federation) and open accounts with MRB-Bank. services and so on, but entrepreneurs have not received clear answers to them,” the newspaper reports.

The entrepreneurs who were present at the meeting asked the Rashists who, in their opinion, would have a rest in the occupied Kirillovka. Umanets said that tourists from Moscow would allegedly come there. They, according to the fantasies of rashists, will call in through the temporarily occupied Crimea. These words caused laughter even from those who were at the meeting.

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