Occupiers likely started repairing Antonovsky bridge

Armed Forces of Ukraine are hitting the bridges of the Kherson region /

Russian occupiers began to repair Antonovsky bridge in Kherson, which is regularly attacked by Ukrainian artillery.

The regional public.

In the photo, a construction crane is visible in the direction of the Antonovsky Bridge.

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Attacks on bridges in the Kherson region

On July 19 and 27, the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out a number of strikes on the Antonovsky bridge, which connects the shores of Russian-occupied Kherson. Because of the damage done to it it is impossible to move.

On July 24, the only bridge over Ingulets in the Kherson region.

Lieutenant General Igor Romanenko confirmed that the situation with the Antonovsky bridge in Kherson taken under the fire control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to expert Ivan Kirichevsky, in order to leave the cut-off coast of the city, the Russian invaders will have to leave all your heavy equipment here.

As noted in British intelligence The Armed Forces of Ukraine have established a foothold south of the Ingulets River, which forms the northern border of Russian-occupied Kherson. The supply of the Russian army on the right bank of the Kherson region was carried out through the Dnieper.

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