occupier boasts that Russia uses prohibited ammunition in Ukraine (audio) – UNIAN

The father of the invader reminded that the use of such ammunition is prohibited, but he surprised him even more.

The occupier admitted that the Russian Federation is hitting Ukraine with phosphorus ammunition / illustration National Museum of the US Air Force

The Russian occupier confessed that Russia uses banned phosphorus munitions in Ukraine.

About it testifies intercepted telephone conversation published by the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

During a conversation with his father, the invader Aleksey said that the Russians use phosphorus munitions, which are launched from Grads.

“Oh, the phosphorus flew,” the occupier noted enthusiastically, adding that it was “the battalion commander went crazy.”

The father recalled that this was prohibited by the Geneva Convention, but the occupier surprised him even more: “Dad, you know how much we use here that is forbidden in principle.”

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As UNIAN reported earlier, at the railway station “Kalanchak” in the Kherson region, the occupiers set up a smoke screen and blew up their own train with equipment and ammunition.

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