Occupation of Kherson – Russians intensify terror and preparations for “referendum”

In occupied Kherson, the Russians are actively preparing for the so-called “referendum”, intensifying their filtration measures and the hunt for Ukrainian partisans and extremists. About it informed First Deputy Chairman of the Kherson Regional Council Yuri Sobolevsky.

In preparation for the propaganda show, which Russians call a “referendum,” the official said, they have held several “We are with Russia” events in recent weeks in preparation for the propaganda show. Also, in the near future, deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation were supposed to come to the region, but due to the fact that the dates of their arrival became known in advance, some of the visits are likely to be postponed.

Sobolevsky notes that accelerated preparations for the annexation of Kherson will lead to strengthening filtration measures and terror against the civilian population.

“For our people, this preparation for the show, unfortunately, will turn into another increase in filtration procedures and terror. Kherson invaders “interrupt” thoroughly – garages, basements, attics, industrial and municipal facilities. Be very careful and stay away from them. The orcs work according to Soviet methods, the planned method, they just need to close the monthly and calendar targets for exposed extremists, saboteurs and partisans”– said the representative of the regional council.

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Earlier it was reported that in the occupied Melitopol, doctors refuse to receive salaries in rublesdemanding payment in national currency.

In an effort to hold Putin & Co accountable, the Ukrainian authorities and international lawyers are working on the creation of a Special Tribunal that will consider the crime of Russian aggression against our country. Will Kyiv be able to implement this initiative? Will other countries support it? Read about the difficulties of creating a special tribunal in the article Vladimir Kravchenko “How to punish Putin for the war with Ukraine?”

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