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The woman asked her son to talk less because “everyone is recording” and asked if she would receive his salary.

The mother of the occupier was surprised by the reaction to his call from captivity / screenshot

The Russian occupier, who was captured during the hostilities in Ukraine, called his mother, but she was primarily interested in money.

This is evidenced by a fragment of the occupier’s interview with journalist Vladimir Zolkin.

During a conversation with a journalist, the invader called his mother. He said that the Putin regime is lying to the Russians about the causes and course of the war in Ukraine. However, his mother interrupted him and advised him “not to say too much”, because then “everything is turned upside down, everything is recorded.”

Occupant: People have so much grief in their families. How many people…

motherA: Well, it’s nothing. If only you were fine. Everyone, no need to talk about it. And the salary goes?

However, the invader did not answer this question. He advised me to go to the military enlistment office. The woman added that the military commissars were already looking for her and noted that her son “was lost on April 24.”

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Note that native Russian soldiers share among themselves “terrible” news. A dialogue between a mother and her son, a Russian army soldier, was made public at the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense. On the phone, the mother warns her son against danger, shares her feelings, because she heard from someone about the losses of Russians in the Donetsk direction. According to her, “20% of the living remained and there are many missing.” The mother also told her son the news she had heard from a friend that Russian officers were handing over their soldiers themselves.

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