Norwegian expert saw the “beginning of the end” of the Putin regime

Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin’s regime is ‘already at the beginning of its end’ due to failed military invasion of Ukraine.

So says the Norwegian political scientist and social anthropologist, director of the Friedterf Nansen Institute Iver Neumann. The Russian dictator ordered the Russian army to launch an invasion of Ukraine at the end of February, announcing his desire to seize the territory of the entire Donbas.

However, as he writes Newsweek, until now, Moscow has failed to achieve its main goals due to the powerful resistance of the Ukrainian army, which, obviously, no one expected. Fighting is still going on in the Ukrainian east and south. The international community condemned the Russian invasion amid reports of Russian war crimes and no reason to go to war. Western sanctions have taken a toll on the Russian economy and Putin’s rule, although polls show that many Russians support their autocrat.

However, Neumann predicts that the consequences of the invasion of Ukraine could contribute to the “beginning of the end” of Putin’s power. He noted a large number of concomitant factors that could negatively affect the Russian economy. After the start of the war, companies began to flee from the Russian Federation. And the number of countries ready to accept Russian exports has also been greatly reduced.

In Putin’s 22 years in office, very little, if anything, has actually changed in the economy. And it stuns me that Putin, who had a Marxist training, did not understand that material factors are critically important.Neumann said.

He acknowledged that it is difficult to predict exactly when the Putin regime will fall, as well as what will happen after that.

“His regime has done a meticulous job of rooting out any manifestation of organized liberal thinking or work in Russia. This is bad for the country and good for the Putin regime.“, – said the Norwegian expert.

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Newsweek recalls that Russia is failing to achieve its goals in the war against Ukraine. And experts suggest that Moscow is in danger of defeat. The British Ministry of Defense on Friday reported that there was “growing desperation” in the Kremlin. And the head of the British intelligence agency MI6, Richard Moore, said that Russia “exhausts” its forces. At the same time, the White House cautions that the slowdown in Russian military operations in Ukraine is not necessarily a sign that the Russian army has stopped and is unable to move forward. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the Russian army was regrouping to prepare for a protracted conflict.

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