Nord Stream – Germany accused Russia of deliberately delaying repairs

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said today that the Nord Stream turbine located in Germany, which Canada agreed to supply despite anti-Russian sanctions, is ready for operation.

According to him, from the German side “there is no reason why the turbine could not be sent to Russia,” added Mr. Scholz.

At the same time, the head of Siemens Energy claims that there are still not enough documents from Russia to transport the turbine for Nord Stream.

Regarding the Nord Stream 2 certification process, which has been terminated, Scholz added that Russia has other capacities to supply gas to Europe.

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Earlier, German Vice-Chancellor, Federal Minister of Economics Robert Gabeck said that the Nord Stream turbine arrived in Germany on July 18 and has been there since.

Before Scholz called the reason why Germany asked Canada to repair and return the turbines to resume the full operation of the Nord Stream, bypassing anti-Russian sanctions. According to him, “to eliminate the reason that the Russian Federation could use to further refuse gas supplies to Germany and Europe.”

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