“No reparations and renunciation of territories”: Russia clumsily promotes the surrender plan of Ukraine in the West

The pro-Putin lobby in the West is trying to push through a plan for the surrender of Ukraine, which provides for Ukraine’s recognition of the loss of territories and the complete rejection of reparations. About it informs Disinformation Counteraction Center.

The plan for the surrender of Ukraine under the guise of a peaceful settlement of the war in Ukraine, consisting of 15 points, appeared in the magazine National Interest. It was immediately spread by the Kremlin propaganda media.

“This action plan is an element of an information-psychological operation, the main goal of which is to create an impression of the strong position of the Russian army on the battlefield against the backdrop of a lack of real achievements at the front. According to the ECFR survey, the population of Western countries is convinced that it is Ukraine that should win the war,” – emphasize in the CPD.

The plan surprisingly coincides with the positions voiced by Russia during the negotiation process with Ukraine, to which the Kremlin is so eager to return, constantly complaining that Ukraine refuses to contact.

It is also indicative that one of the points of the peace plan, which the author fantasized, provides for the refusal of both sides of the military conflict from reparations. Although no one in the world, except for the author and Russia, in any of the scenarios does not consider the possibility of any reparations to the aggressor country.

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Among the items proposed by the National Interest:

  • Ukraine at the constitutional level recognizes neutrality and renounces Crimea;
  • Russia withdraws troops to positions on February 23, 2022;
  • Until September, a referendum on the state ownership of these territories is being held in ORDLO;
  • Ukraine breaks any ties with NATO, reduces the army, destroys heavy weapons.

At the same time, the publication departs from one of the main principles of journalism, which provides for a balance in coverage and the provision of several points of view.

It is also easy to see that this balance is violated not only in the specified material of the publication. So, for example, a few days earlier, the National Interest published similar material one Arash Tupchinedjad, who takes on the mission to urge Ukraine to consider the prospect of a “peace treaty” with Russia due to the alleged collapse of the Ukrainian economy.

It is significant that this material, which does not contain any exclusive analytics, but is only the value judgments of the author of the publication, was also scattered by the Russian media as an influential and authoritative opinion of the West.

Although, in fact, out of all the variety of expert opinions in the world, the author chose only the former US Secretary of State, 98-year-old Henry Kissinger, who at the end of May, speaking in Davos, actually ruined his future obituary by offering Ukraine to change territories for peace. And was then subjected to merciless criticism as in the Westand in Ukraine itself.

The author’s bias is demonstrated by actually quoting Russian narratives that Russia should secure itself from the invasion of Ukraine by creating a buffer zone in the occupied territories of Donbass. Obviously, the author never picked up a map in order to compare his own statements with geographical realities, since the Donbass is not the only common border between Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

Recall Ukraine’s position is that the war will continue until Ukraine pushes the Russians out of its territories for as long as it deems necessary.

On May 17, the Ukrainian side confirmed suspension of negotiations with Russia for a peaceful settlement. According to OP adviser Mykhailo Podolyak, There are three reasons for this: Moscow does not demonstrate an understanding of today’s processes in the world, does not realize that in any sense the war is no longer going according to its rules, schedule or plans, and also cannot refuse to escalate in the domestic market.

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