“No one refuses.” Peskov on Putin’s meeting with Zelensky

On the meeting of the presidents of Russia and Ukraine. “Here the position has not changed. You are well aware of the position of the Russian president: no one a priori refuses the possibility of such a meeting, but it must be prepared.”

On the signing of an agreement between Putin and Zelensky. “There is no movement with the document yet.”

O saying Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki that the “Russian world” is a “tumor”.

“This is an absolutely outrageous statement, rabid and unacceptable. <...> This is the quintessence of that hatred for the Russians, which, probably, like metastases, struck both the entire Polish politics, the entire Polish leadership, and, in fact, Polish society in many respects, to our regret.”

“What is happening in Ukraine means the return of damned ideologies. The irony of this story is that Putin built a new Russian imperialism on the basis of the myth of victory over Nazism, and his propaganda describes the aggression against Ukraine as an operation to “denazify” the country,” Morawiecki said the day before.

About a possible stop of gas supply to Finland. “Gazprom supplies gas to various consumers in Europe, including countries that are members of NATO. Gazprom has repeatedly demonstrated its reliability as a company that supplies energy resources to the European continent. Therefore, these reports are most likely just another newspaper duck.

The fact that Gazprom can cut Finland off from gas supplies on May 13, reported edition Iltalehti. Thus, according to the publication, Russia allegedly wants to respond to Finland’s intention to join NATO. The Finnish government assumes that gas supplies to Finland may stop until May 23.

About what is happening at Azovstal. “We proceed from the words of our president, which dealt with the possibility of all civilians to leave the territory of the plant and leave this territory in any direction of their choice, which was carried out. As for the military, it was said that they can also leave, laying down their arms, they will be treated accordingly, all the wounded will be provided with the necessary medical care. <...> These are the words of the President, this is the command of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.”

On the territory of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol, fighting between Russian troops and the Azov battalion is still ongoing. According to the Ukrainian side, there are still civilians at the plant. Formerly Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Irina Vereshchuk statedthat Kyiv is preparing to sign a document on the evacuation of the Ukrainian military from Azovstal in Mariupol. She noted that Turkey agreed to act as a mediator in the negotiations.

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