NMT 2022 – More than 6,500 applicants passed the NMT with 200 points

Head of the Ministry of Education and Science Sergei Shkarlett said that a significant number of participants national multisubject test pass the test for the highest scores, informs press office Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

“I can say that the average score of the national multi-subject test looks very decent. There are a significant number of participants who are getting the highest scores today,” Scarlett said.

According to the UCOKO, 116,181 participants received a result on a scale of 100-200 points.

“In particular, 200 points were received by 6556 applicants: 375 participants – in three subjects; 1269 participants – in two subjects; 4912 participants – one subject”, – emphasized Scarlett.

According to numerous stories of eleventh-graders, cheating was easily accessible.

this year they take not the usual external independent assessment (EIA), but the national multisubject test (NMT). And not on paper, but on the computer. Is this all different from last year? Of course not. Why now teachers are not involved in checking the work and whether it is possible to appeal the results, read in an interview with Oksana Onishchenko with the acting director of the testing center Valery Boyko “NMT instead of VNO: everything you need to know about testing during the war.

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