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If successful in the East, the Russian occupiers will move troops for an offensive in the North. This cannot be done suddenly and imperceptibly, but the threat of a second attack on the capital remains.

Kyiv is ready for a new Russian offensive / photo from UNIAN, Vyacheslav Ratinsky

In the next perspective participation of the armed forces of Belarus in aggression against Ukraine is unlikely, but it is not completely excluded. At the same time, unfortunately, there is a possibility that Russia will form new strike groups in the Kiev and Chernigov directions. The threat of rocket attacks on the capital has also increased.

This was told by Lieutenant General Alexander Pavlyuk in an interview Ukrinform.

The commander of the grouping of forces and means of defense of the city of Kyiv noted that the capital remains the main goal for the occupiers. According to him, now the security of Kyiv, the Kyiv region and all of Ukraine is ensured on the line of contact in the Kharkov region, Donetsk region, Luhansk region and Kherson region. However, due to the aggressive plans for Kyiv, one should not exclude the possibility that the Russians will decide to launch a second offensive in the Kiev region.

“We should constantly keep this in mind and not exclude the possibility of attempts to form new strike groups in the Kiev and Chernihiv directions through the measures of “total mobilization” of reservists, attracting stocks of Soviet-era equipment and weapons, which are still enough at storage bases,” Pavlyuk stressed. .

According to him, in the event of an aggravation of the situation around Kyiv, explosive engineering barriers on defensive lines will be immediately restored.

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“For the implementation of such activities, subdivisions have been identified that, in a short time, (up to 6-8 hours) capable of completing the task of building mine-explosive barriers. On the probable directions of the enemy’s advance on the northern side, forest blockages and barrier nodes are being created. The main bridges are prepared for destruction. In addition, non-explosive engineering barriers, long-term firing structures and the like are being installed,” the commander said.

He assured that the defense of Kyiv and the Kiev region is constantly improving, and the defense units have NLAW anti-tank systems, Carl Gustaff grenade launchers, mortars and unmanned aerial vehicles. And soon the capabilities of the military will improve significantly thanks to international technical assistance from partner countries.

“We drew conclusions from the course of hostilities that took place in the Kiev region. And I assure you that we have certain planned measures to strengthen the defense of Kyiv. In modern defense, the main goal is to repel the enemy’s offensive, inflict maximum losses on him, and hold important areas ( objects) of the terrain and thereby create favorable conditions for going on the offensive. The armament of the territorial defense units must meet the tasks assigned to them,” Pavlyuk emphasized.

He noted that despite the colossal losses, the Russians still have the human and technical resources to wage war. According to him, in case of success in the East, the Russian invaders will move troops for an offensive in the North. This cannot be done suddenly and imperceptibly, but the threat of a second Russian offensive on the capital remains.

However, according to the lieutenant general, the task is now more likely rocket attacks by the enemy on Kyiv. Therefore, Pavlyuk urges the people of Kiev and guests of the capital not to ignore the air raid signals.

“An effective air defense system has been created around the capital. It can effectively repel enemy attacks and is constantly being improved. However, in the event of a massive missile attack, an air defense “breakthrough” is possible. Therefore, the people of Kiev need to be careful,” he said.

Recall about the danger for the people of Kiev, especially on June 20-23 Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the President’s Office, also warned. The reason for this is the next threats of the invaders to hit the “decision-making center” after our Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the “Boyko towers”. Therefore, during these four days, Arestovich asks the people of Kiev to go down to the shelter at the signal of the sirens.

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