Navalny was reprimanded in a new colony

A week after arriving in a new colony, Alexei Navalny received a reprimand. The reason for this was the alleged absence of a prison uniform during the morning hygiene procedures. About this Navalny informed in your Telegram channel.

In the text, the oppositionist explained that reprimands are one of the ways to control prisoners. Other options to maintain control are beatings and torture. If the administration does not like the convict, he has violations, on which reports are written, and then reprimanded. After two reprimands, the prisoner can be sent to a punishment cell, where “you can easily die from ‘pneumonia’ or break your neck by falling from the bunk,” Navalny said.

At the same time, other prisoners may receive incentives for which transfers and visits are allowed. According to Navalny, one of the reasons for such an encouragement could be the accidental death of a cellmate.

The reprimands made should “burn out” a year after the last one, the oppositionist explains. However, this did not happen in his case. The last of 30 reprimands received earlier, Navalny received in August 2021. Accordingly, all of them were supposed to “burn out” in August 2022.

But, as it turned out, in IK-2, Navalny was reported in the last two hours of his stay in the colony for the fact that the oppositionist put on his T-shirt early in the morning, and not the prison uniform, and went to the washbasin in this form. “For you to understand: at 6-30 in the morning all the prisoners wash and shave and everyone goes to the washbasin in T-shirts,” Navalny explained. However, in the case of the oppositionist, the unspoken rule did not work: in the new colony, for such “lawlessness”, he was summoned to a commission and given a new reprimand. Because of this, 30 reprimands received earlier will remain with Navalny for another year.

“Very convenient – at any moment I can be recognized as a malicious violator, thrown into a punishment cell, etc.,” the oppositionist summed up.

Colony IK-6 in Melekhovo, Vladimir Region, where Navalny was sent, infamous repeated reports of torture and violence by both staff and inmates. IK-6 is the so-called “red zone”, where the administration controls the order not directly, but through the hands of other prisoners. The oppositionist’s spokeswoman noted that conditions in the colony are worse than in many other prisons; she became famous as one of the worst Russian prisons.

Navalny sentenced to nine years in a strict regime colony and a fine of 1.2 million rubles in March 2022. According to Navalny’s lawyer, taking into account the new sentence, he will have to serve another nine years in a colony (that is, until March 2031). Before the announcement of the court verdict, the politician was serving his sentence in a general regime colony. Navalny denies allegations of fraud.

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