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They fought for a long time for life, but because of oncology, it was cut short.

Ruslana Pysanka, Bogdan Stupka / photo collage

Recently, the entire Ukrainian show business was shocked by the news of the death of actress and TV presenter Ruslana Pysanka. She was silent for a long time about her illness, and Ukrainians learned that she had oncology after her death. The woman was treated in Germany, but even European medicine did not help her overcome cancer.

Today UNIAN will tell about five more famous Ukrainian people who died of oncology.

Vera Bochkur

Popular blogger Vera Bochkur struggled with the disease along with his son. When the boy was only 4 months old, doctors diagnosed him with cancer. Then Vera decided to become a donor for her son, as he needed a liver transplant. When she was examined, she was also informed that she had oncology. And so began their joint struggle for life. Fortunately, the baby was able to overcome the disease, but his mother died.

Vera Bochkur died of cancer /

Bogdan Stupka

In 2012, the famous actor Bogdan Stupka died of bone cancer. For four months he struggled with oncology, but he did not succeed in defeating it. He died at the age of 70.

Bogdan Stupka died of bone cancer /

Pavel Pavlik

The son of the famous Ukrainian artist Viktor Pavlik died of spinal cancer at the age of 21. He was treated not only in Ukraine, but also in Israel. And the guy spent the last months of his life in Odessa.

Pavel Pavlik died of cancer / photo

Eugene Ogir

Producer Evgeny Ogir died of stomach cancer. His wife, singer Tina Karol was with him when he was battling cancer. But he failed to defeat cancer. This tragic news caught Karol literally before her performance. But she did not refuse to sing on stage. The star came out and performed her song “Above the Clouds”, which in an instant took on a completely different meaning. She couldn’t hide her tears.

Eugene Ogir died of cancer /

Marina Kuklina-May

The star of the series “Women’s Doctor” and “Dog” Marina Kuklina-May also died of oncology. She was only 33 at the time of her death. She was a talented actress, so the world of cinema lost not only a good person, but also a real star.

Marina Kuklina-May died of cancer /

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