Mykolaiv becomes the second Mariupol – chairman of the regional council – UNIAN

That night, the city was subjected to one of the most extensive shelling since the beginning of a full-scale war.

The occupiers turn Nikolaev into the second Mariupol / photo of the State Emergency Service

This night Nikolaev subjected to one of the largest shellings since the beginning of a full-scale war. Russian assassins fired about 40 rockets into the city.

About it informed Chairman of the Nikolaev Regional Council Anna Zamazeeva.

Nikolaev becomes the second Mariupol […] Invaders have come to our land and are killing our people, our cities and villages. They cut off the city from the water supply and destroy the infrastructure, she wrote in a telegram.

The regional council called on the whole world to finally realize that the “Russian world” is murder, torture and terrorism.

During the shelling of Nikolaev, the Russians use atypical weapons

About a few weeks ago, for the terror of Nikolaev, the Russians began to use anti-aircraft missile systems S300equipping them with an atypical explosive projectile, which has an additional maximum destructive effect.

In this regard, recent shelling causes significant damage to the city. In other words, destroying everything that is around the impact site.

Recall that today during the shelling of Nikolaev by invaders died Hero of Ukraine Oleksiy Vadatursky with his wife. Later, Kremlin propagandists actually confirmed targeted killing of a businessman.

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