“My position is in solidarity with the party.” Udaltsova explained why she got the deputy mandate of Rashkin

Wife of the leader of the “Left Front” Sergei Udaltsova and ex-assistant member of the presidium of the Communist Party Valery Rashkin Anastasia Udaltsova in an interview with explainedwhy the mandate of the State Duma deputy went to her, and not to the associate professor of Moscow State University, the socialist Mikhail Lobanov. According to her, Lobanov’s views diverged from the position of the communists more than her own, especially about what is happening in Ukraine.

Punishment in the criminal case against Rashkin (aka the “moose case”), according to results which the State Duma deprived the politician of the powers of a deputy, was “disproportionate to the crime,” Udaltsova is sure. She noted that the members of the “United Russia” had similar offenses (Udaltsova did not specify which ones), but at the same time they “got away with everything.”

Udaltsova was not going to give up her mandate for several reasons: firstly, she showed very good results in the elections in 2021, but she was “deprived of her victory by electronic voting”, and secondly, it was the decision of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. With Rashkin, according to her, they did not discuss this.

She also spoke about the candidacy of Lobanov (an associate professor at Moscow State University was arrested on Friday for 15 days in the case of discrediting the army and inciting hatred because of posts on social networks, where he said that people who were not helped by Russia were going to Ukraine, and Kadyrovites and immigrants from the Middle East are fighting for the “Russian world”).

Udaltsova refused to consider herself a more compromising figure than the convicted politician. She noted that Lobanov is “a good guy”, but his views differ from the position of the party, to which he “has no special relationship”, in contrast to the “Left Front”, which is “one of the closest allies” of the Communist Party.

When asked if she would become a communist, Udaltsova did not answer, limiting herself to clarifying that she remained an ally of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation as a member of the Left Front and adviser to Gennady Zyuganov. She hinted that one of the decisive factors was Lobanov’s position on Ukraine. Udaltsova herself, being a native of Ukraine, supports the Communist Party in this matter.

“In the Left Front, many positions of the Communist Party are shared. Particularly when it comes to recent events. As far as I understand, Mikhail Lobanov has a completely different point of view than the party on the special military operation in Ukraine. My position is in solidarity with the party. So the decision of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation to transfer the mandate to me looks very logical, ”the politician specified.

She also stated that she did not need “Smart Voting”, which was promoted by supporters of Alexei Navalny. During the voting in the Moscow City Duma, said Udaltsov’s wife, she was supported by “practically all the political forces that exist.”

“I won “on the ground”, despite many falsifications. And electronic voting, because of which I didn’t get a mandate in the end, is an opaque and, frankly, murky “scheme” – what they drew, it gave out, ”she said.

By itself, she doesn’t really like the UG algorithm, Udaltsova said. In her opinion, people should study the programs of candidates, and not just vote for those who are on lists compiled by other people. She also accused the creators of UG of speculation: Udaltsova believes that they appropriate the results of the victory when they put on the lists of clearly strong candidates who win with the help of the party.

  • June 22 CEC informed on the transfer of Valery Rashkin’s mandate to Anastasia Udaltsova, who is on the board of the Left Front. Communist lost deputy powers at the end of May due to a criminal case initiated against him for the illegal killing of an elk. In addition, later Rashkin was removed from the post of first secretary of the Moscow cell of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (his place took Nikolai Zubrilin). The head of the Central Election Commission, Ella Pamfilova, specified that the wife of the leader of the Left Front would receive the mandate at the next meeting of the organization.
  • Her husband, the leader of the “Left Front” Sergei Udaltsov June 22 declared RTVI that his wife proved by deeds her right to be a deputy. She will not be a “faceless extra”, the politician is sure, because she knows firsthand about Moscow’s problems. According to the politician, the communists acted fairly, recalling that in 2021 Anastasia Udaltsova showed “one of the best” results of candidates from the party in the elections, “even taking into account all sorts of problems with electronic voting.”
  • Anastasia Udaltsova is a native of Ukraine. After moving to Moscow, she joined the National Bolshevik Party (banned in Russia and ceased its activities), later became the coordinator and head of the press service of the Left Front. Since 2013, Udaltsova has been an assistant to Rashkin, in 2021 she was nominated as a candidate for the State Duma from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, but did not receive a seat in parliament.
  • In December 2011, Udaltsova was one of the applicants for a rally on Bolotnaya Square. Her husband was in custody at that time and went on a hunger strike in protest against the numerous administrative arrests. In 2014, Udaltsov, together with activist Leonid Razvozzhaev, was found guilty of organizing “mass riots” on Bolotnaya Square and sentenced to 4.5 years in prison; he was released in 2017.

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