MTR showed unique night footage of the raid, to which the fighters arrived by water

Ukrainian servicemen at night commit dangerous sorties including by water. Video of such a raid, filmed in complete darkness, published press service of the Special Operations Forces.

“Unique footage: Ukrainian SOF soldiers at work. Delivery to the mission area took place by water at night in complete darkness, – says the message of the SSO.

The video shows how several Ukrainian military men arrived at a certain place on a boat, made a raid and just as quietly sailed back along the waterway. The MTR press service did not specify where and when the video was filmed.

Recall that the fighters of the 73 Marine Center SPP them. ataman Antin Golovaty SSO of Ukraine on the morning of July 7 under the risk of shelling set the flag of Ukraine on the newly occupied Zmein Island – Russian ships maneuvered in the sea, which then launched a missile attack on it.

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