Moscow and Minsk urgently need to strengthen their defense capability

The head of the Russian Defense Ministry, Sergei Shoigu, said that Russia and Belarus need to take urgent measures to strengthen the defense capability of the Union State. According to the head of the defense department, there was a need to increase the combat readiness of regional groupings of troops and the air defense system (air defense).

“Circumstances dictate the need to take urgent joint measures to strengthen the defense capability of the Union State, increase the combat readiness of the regional grouping of troops (forces) and the unified regional air defense system,” Shoigu said at a meeting with his Belarusian counterpart Viktor Khrenin in Moscow (quoted by the Russian Defense Ministry TV channel “Star”).

The Russian minister called Belarus “the most important strategic partner, closest friend and ally” and promised “any support” on this issue of strengthening the defense capability. Shoigu added that the states are cooperating “in the face of unprecedented pressure from the West, an undeclared war.”

How wrote BelTA, Khrenin arrived in the Russian capital to take part in the meeting of the Council of Defense Ministers of the CIS countries, which is scheduled for June 24.

Meanwhile, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko arrived in Russia. Russia and Belarus Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko. As Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said earlier, the Belarusian leader will spend two days, June 23 and 24, in Zavidovo, near Moscow, together with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. There, the leaders of the two states will communicate in an informal format. Public statements for the press following the visit are not planned, Peskov said. On June 25, Putin and Lukashenko are scheduled to have a working meeting in St. Petersburg, BelTA informs.

Defense activity in Belarus

In February 2022, a few days before the start of the Russian military special operation in Ukraine, Moscow and Minsk held joint military exercises. These maneuvers were called “Allied Resolve”. The Russian Ministry of Defense then explainedthat we are talking about working out the redeployment and creation of groupings of troops “in threatened directions” in a short time.

In May, in the troops of Belarus passed sudden test of reaction forces. At the same time, exercises were held in the country near the borders with Germany and Ukraine, about seven thousand soldiers and three thousand pieces of equipment took part in them. At the end of the maneuvers Alexander Lukashenko ordered urgently form a new operational command in the republican army – the Southern, responsible for the Ukrainian direction.

Since June 22, in the Gomel region in the south-east of Belarus, mobilization exercises have been held with military commissariats, within the framework of which “implementation of measures to notify and submit those liable for military service to the points of departure to military units” is being worked out. A few days before the start of these maneuvers, Lukashenka declaredthat the republic must find a way to avoid a “war” and “not get into it head over heels, into this Ukrainian conflict,” but do everything so that the conflict between Moscow and Kyiv ends as quickly as possible.

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