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The Ukrainians were told what waves of mobilization are, and who is called first.

Mobilization in Ukraine has four

Ukrainian legislation allows holding in the country a general or partial mobilizationwhich may be open or hidden.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia in Ukraine, there has been a general mobilization, which has four stages, said “Telegraph”Attorney Dmitry Tsyplitsky.

Four waves of mobilization in Ukraine:

  • The first wave calls for operational reservists, former servicemen and veterans of the ATO and JFO.
  • The second wave – they call up reservists who did not fall into the first wave of mobilization, and military personnel who served in the military until 2014 or served under a contract.
  • The third wave – reserve officers and conscripts who graduated from the military departments of universities.
  • The fourth wave – all citizens aged 18 to 60 who are subject to mobilization (have no restrictions on age, health status, etc.).

On March 15, the second wave of mobilization began in Ukraine – they call for reservists who did not fall into the first wave, as well as military men who served in the military until 2014 or served under a contract. On May 23, the mobilization period was extended by three months by the decision of the Verkhovna Rada.

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“However, this does not yet mean a transition to a “third wave”. There should be a separate decision of the General Staff about the “third wave,” says Tsyplitsky.

According to the lawyer, the “waves” of mobilization are conditional and explain only the categories of people who will be called on as a priority.

“Currently, priority is given to reservists of the second stage and people with combat experience, but this does not mean that only they are mobilized. That is, all those liable for military service can be mobilized, but priority is given to people with combat experience,” the expert said.

Earlier, the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said that the practice subpoenas at checkpoints or in other public places does not contradict the law.

UNIAN said that there are categories of citizens who are not subject to mobilization and are not subject to conscription. Who can get a deferment from the call, read on link.

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