Mobilization in Ukraine 2022 – what to do if the agenda came to work

Due to the Russian invasion, martial law is in effect in Ukraine and general mobilization continues. According to the current legislation, citizens liable for military service can receive summons at the place of residence, on the streets and checkpoints, as well as at the place of work.

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“Military registration at an enterprise is a system of actions that is associated with the need to collect, process and accumulate information about persons liable for military service and exchange data with state bodies,” told lawyer Kirill Kozak.

The employer is the primary link that ensures the collection of information, its provision to the Territorial centers for recruitment and social support (formerly military registration and enlistment offices).

Mobilization of employees: actions of the employer

After the receipt of the summons to the enterprise, the employer must:

  • issue an order to notify conscripts and those liable for military service about their call to the Territorial Center for Recruitment and Social Support (TCC and SP);
  • bring the order to the attention of conscripts in terms of ensuring their arrival on a call to the TCC and the joint venture;
  • send a copy of the order to the TCC and the Joint Venture within three days;
  • be sure to control the results of the notification and the arrival of conscripts and those liable for military service in the TCC and the joint venture.

“The head of the enterprise is obliged to control the arrival of a person liable for military service in the TCC and the joint venture. In case of non-appearance, he must inform the military registration and enlistment office that his employee did not appear at the appointed time, ”the lawyer emphasized.

If the employee refuses to sign the order on the need to appear at the military registration and enlistment office, the employer must draw up an act of refusal to sign the commission order in the presence of three people and send it to the TCC and the joint venture, since in this case this task is the responsibility of the employer.

Mobilization in the workplace: guarantees for the employee

Previously mobilized employees were guaranteed to keep their job and average earnings.

After the signing of the Law of Ukraine “On amendments to some laws of Ukraine regarding the optimization of labor relations” Employers will no longer pay salaries to workers mobilized or drafted into the military during martial law.

Now only the place of work remains behind them.

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