Missiles for HIMARS – the United States will provide Ukraine with about 3 thousand missiles for MLRS

New US military aid package for Ukraine will include about three thousand missiles for multiple launch rocket systems MLRS and HIMARS. Such a figure leads expert Sergey Zguretsstarting from the cost of one missile and other well-known data about this type of weapon.

According to Zgurets, the number of missiles for American MLRS in the new assistance package can be calculated by subtracting the total cost of artillery ammunition, which the American side reported earlier.

“The new military aid package allows us to calculate the number of missiles that we will receive from the United States. If we deduct from this package 550 million of the cost of artillery ammunition, then the remaining amount will be within 400 million. In addition, the cost of one guided missile, depending on the type, is in the range of 105 – 150 thousand, then we can expect that in this package we will receive about 3 thousand missiles for the HIMARS and MLRS systems. This is a significant amount because behind each missile there is a clearly defined target that is being destroyed.Zgurets said.

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Recall that a few days ago Ukraine received a new batch of MLRS HIMARS. The successful use of American systems by the Armed Forces of Ukraine forced the Russians to admit that Western weapons change the course of the war.

Why did the aggressor fail the first stage of the invasion and fail to succeed in the second? What tasks should our army solve at the third stage in order to force the Russians out of Ukraine? What are the consequences of a truce to which Putin will persuade Ukraine? The answers to these questions and the forecast for the coming months can be found in the article by Major General, Head of the Center for the Study and Countering Hybrid Threats Sergei Savchenko “Expecting powerful fire training and counteroffensive? It will not happen. Everything has already begun”.

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