Misha Romanova spoke about relatives from occupied Kherson – UNIAN

The singer is very worried about her loved ones.

Ukrainian singer Misha Romanova, who gained popularity after participating in the legendary group VIA Gra, spoke about her relatives from the occupied Kherson.

According to the star, her father, brother and nephews cannot leave the city because the Russian invaders are shooting at cars. What worries her most is that she cannot help them in any way, although she really wants to.

“A little bit of frankness. My father is in the occupied city of Kherson, he cannot leave, because cars are being shot at. My own brother, who is with a family with two children, is also in Kherson. I do not know how to help them (my heart bleeds blood),” Romanova wrote on Instagram.

She added that she still had friends in Kherson, whom she also could not help in any way. According to Misha, she experiences severe pain from this.

Recall that earlier journalists toldas an artist of the Ukrainian Comedy Club, he went over to the side of the Russian Federation.

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