Military registration of women 2022 – do women who have gone abroad need to become

From October 1, in Ukraine, women of certain professions and specialties must register for the military. Some Ukrainian women have gone abroad because of Russia’s military aggression. People’s Deputy and member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on the Health of the Nation Victoria Wagner explained whether women need to return to Ukraine in order to be registered with the military, writes HB.

Where can you register for military registration for women abroad

If women liable for military service are abroad, they can be registered with the diplomatic institutions of Ukraine.

According to Wagner, the Armed Forces of Ukraine need to have not only a combat-ready army, but also a large operational reserve. In addition, a lot of work is envisaged in the rear, and not at the front.

“After all, for the effectiveness of the front, it is necessary to ensure uninterrupted rear work: from accounting, logistics to food and medical support,” she added.

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People’s Deputy stressed that after the war, military training should be organized in Ukraine for women who want it.

“In the post-war future, it is necessary to organize military training for all willing citizens of Ukraine so that they can form a qualified reserve for the effective work of the army at all levels of protection: from front line to rear support,” the expert concluded.

Recall that the lawyer of the law firm “Miller” Andrey Novak said that must be done by women liable for military service who will be registered with the military.

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