Mikhail Podolyak accused the Russians of premeditated murder of the owner of the Nibulon company – UNIAN

The death of Vadatursky was not an accident, according to the Office of the President.

The occupiers deliberately killed Aleksey Vadatursky, Mikhail Podolyak believes / photo

The Russian invaders deliberately organized the murder of a Ukrainian businessman, owner of the largest grain trading company Nibulon Alexei Vadatursky.

In Nikolaev, during the shelling, Vadatursky was made a specific target, Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the President’s Office, wrote in his Telegram channel.

“The death of Alexei Vadatursky, in my opinion, was not an accident, but a well-thought-out and organized premeditated murder,” he said.

Podolyak believes that the exact hit of an enemy missile not just on the house, but on the bedroom “leaves no doubt in the guidance and adjustment of the strike.”

“… Once again: Vadatursky was made a specific target,” the OP stressed.

Enemies deliberately killed Alexei Vadatursky, believes Mikhail Podolyak / photo

Podolyak stressed that Russian barbarians continue their terrorist campaign to intimidate, destabilize and break our society.

“According to the Kremlin maniac, campaigns with resonant high-intensity terrorist attacks (mutilation of our prisoners and their mutilation recorded on video, a rocket attack on the Vinnitsa House of Officers, thermobaric internal undermining with our guys in Yelenovka and a targeted strike on a well-known person who is directly related to grain) should force Ukrainians to kneel, open the gates and surrender the state,” he said.

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