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Ukrainians will be able to publish videos up to 15 minutes long.

Meta launches new features on Facebook and Instagram / REUTERS photo

Instagram converts all videos on the platform to Reels format. You can now post videos up to 15 minutes long

Meta told about it.

Over the next weeks, all videos up to 15 minutes will be enhanced with Reels creative tools. Videos will be posted in a separate tab, and public videos up to 90 seconds long will be included in the recommendations.

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What is Instagram Reels?

Instagram users in Ukraine can shoot and edit videos up to 15 minutes. In addition, users can add music from the audio library to their video or create their own original sound. Moreover, if the account of the author of the sound is public, then other users can use it in their videos and create remixes.

Instagram Reels – how to create

  1. Users can find the Reels creation option in the Instagram camera.
  2. You can shoot a video directly in the application or upload an existing video from your camera roll.

What tools does Instagram Reels offer?

Audio – You can search for a song in the Instagram audio library or use your own original audio by simply recording a video with it. When users share a clip with original audio, they are credited with the original audio, and if the user has a public account, other people can create clips with that audio by clicking “Use Audio” on your Reels.

AR effects. Users can choose from many effects created by both Instagram and creators from all over the world and use new effects in their videos every time.

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Timer and countdown allows you to set a timer for hands-free video recording. Once users hit the record button, they will see a countdown and get ready before the actual recording starts within the set time.

alignment allows you to align objects from the previous clip to the next clip to create smooth transitions.

Rapidity. By speeding up or slowing down a part of a video or audio, users can stay in rhythm or create slow motion videos.

Retouch will come the overall effect of smoothing.

remixes allow you to react to creative photos and videos shared daily by Instagram users, as well as collaborate with others and grow your audience.

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New remix features

Photo remixes. Users can remix public Instagram photos. During mixing, photos are automatically converted to Reels with a green screen layout that allows you to add your own video commentary.

New remix layouts – green screen, horizontal or vertical split screen or reaction mode.

Templates allow you to easily create Reels using another video as a template. You just need to add and trim your own video to fit the template.

As UNIAN previously reported, against the background of mass criticism from Instagram users the company decided to abandon some of the latest innovations and revert to the previous service design.

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