Memorial Day of Mary Magdalene 2022 – what holiday is today August 4

On August 4, believers celebrate Memorial Day of Mary Magdalene – one of the myrrh-bearing women who followed Christ and became the first to know about his resurrection. According to legend, Mary was possessed by demons, but Jesus was able to heal her, after which she became his follower.

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What to do on a holiday

The people also called the holiday Mary’s Day, Myrrh-Bearer, Marya Yagodnitsa.

On this day, the girls asked the saint to grant them beauty. They also collected the morning dew in silverware to wash their faces with later. It is believed that such a ritual will give the face a blush, and the skin – health.

But for animals and plants, dew was considered fatal. On this day, the peasants woke up very early and shook the dew from the plants, and they tried to keep the animals in stalls.

By the holiday, berries usually ripened, people went to pick them in order to prepare compotes and jams for the winter.

What Not to Do on Mary Magdalene’s Day

The bans on the holiday apply to women, since Mary Magdalene is considered the personification of the myrrh-bearing women.

On this day, you can not do housework, as well as work in the garden and field. It was believed that this could bring financial trouble to the hostess.

Young girls are not allowed to work at all, it could harm their physical health.

On a holiday, you also can’t swear, quarrel and sort things out.

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