MELOVIN told how much money he collected at a charity concert in Lutsk

The singer takes part in such events to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Ukrainian artist MELOVIN told how much money he managed at a charity concert held in Lutsk. The event took place on June 19th.

“Let’s take Russia together! Lutsk, yesterday at a charity concert they raised 66,300 UAH for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Thanks to everyone,” the artist wrote on his Instagram blog.

Fans thanked the artist for his caring stance and creative support. The artist, who has been touring for a long time, performing on stage to raise funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, will continue to do so.

He also recently performed on stage in Germany, where he raised the LGBT flag, declaring that Ukraine is a modern and free country.

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“Post next time at auction something from yourself and you will collect even more”, “The amount is very solid, cool. I’m glad that your efforts are giving a significant result. And I’m also proud to see how you dedicate yourself insanely to your work. Insanely. Take care myself, I love you and thank you for being you”, “You are great fellows, I’m proud,” fans write in the comments.

It should be noted that in spite of the ban of the Hungarian authorities, a charity concert “Quarter”.

Recall, Wellboy introduced the song “Vorogiv on knives”as part of a charity tour in Poland.

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