Mayor of Yalta Pavlenko supported the idea to create an analogue of Eurovision in Crimea

Mayor of Yalta Yanina Pavlenko supported the idea to create an analogue of Eurovision and hold it in the Crimea. The head of the city called for the establishment of a competition that would not be influenced by politics. Pavlenko announced this in her Telegram channel.

Pavlenko recalled that at one time Yalta was the festival capital, on the stages of which many stars gained popularity. The mayor stressed that the competition should be fair and open to all countries of the world. Pavlenko recalled that this was originally supposed to be Eurovision, but the organizers stopped following the idea.

This is how the mayor reacted to the words of producer Iosif Prigogine, who proposed creating a Russian version of Eurovision. According to Prigozhin, Crimea is one of the best locations for this, as people visit festivals with great pleasure on vacation. Prigozhin assured that he would be able to attract talent from all over the world, including Europe and the United States.

Russian cultural figures and politicians remained outraged the results of the last Eurovision, in which the Ukrainian team won. According to diplomats, officials and show business stars, the competition has become extremely politicized and has demonstrated double standards. The Kalush Orchestra directly violated the rules of the event by demanding help from the stage for Ukraine. Russian musicians in 2022 were not allowed to Eurovision.

According to tradition, the organizers of the contest planned to hold Eurovision in 2023 in Ukraine, but later changed your opinion. Great Britain is considered as an alternative, whose musicians took the second place. The European Broadcasting Union explained that the contest requires 12 months of preparation. Given the current situation in Ukraine, the country does not have such an opportunity.

June 19 Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine accepted law on the “white list” of Russian-speaking artists. Only musicians. condemning the Russian special operation will be allowed to perform on tour on Ukrainian stages. Currently, Ukraine has a “black list” of Russian writers and other cultural figures. Songs by Russian performers are banned from broadcasting not only on radio and TV, but also in public places, including discos, restaurants and schools.

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