Matvienko called the bulldozer a symbol of “European democracy”

The symbol of “European democracy” can be called a bulldozer, said Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko, TASS reports. She was prompted to such an association by an incident in Latvia, when the authorities ordered to rake with tractors the flowers laid on May 9 at the monument to the Liberators of Riga.

It seems to me that the bulldozer is already a symbol of the so-called European democracy. There is no excuse for this ,” Matvienko said .

She added that in some European countries, a socio-political layer is beginning to take hold, rejecting the opinion of some citizens and turning them into outcasts.

Earlier it became known that the residents of Riga returned to the monument to the Liberators of the city and lit candles in memory of the dead Soviet soldiers after the flowers laid at the monument were removed with the help of tractors. Many citizens noted that they were dissatisfied with the attitude of the authorities towards flowers.

People stood around the candles and performed musical compositions of the war years. The inhabitants of Riga at that time were guarded by the police.

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