Lukashenka is ready to order the invasion of Ukraine, but delays this moment

The Belarusian dictator is stopped by the likely negative reaction of the society.


Russian dictator Vladimir Putin believes he has pressed the self-proclaimed President of Belarus Lukashenko to the point of invading Ukraine. At the same time, he delays the moment of attack on Ukraine.

About this in interview TSN was told by Deputy Director of the Center for the Army, Conversion and Disarmament for International Affairs Mikhail Samus.

According to him, Lukashenko promised Putin to join the “special operation”, but delays this moment. He understands that entering the war is a critical moment in his political and physical life.

“Most Belarusians don’t want this war. When we talk about Russians, the situation is different. Russians are mentally different from Belarusians and Ukrainians. Some Belarusians really gravitate towards Soviet times, but the majority would not want to take part in this. , and if Lukashenka orders to cross the border and start hostilities, the opposite effect may occur when the Ukrainian military begins to advance,” Mikhail Samus emphasized.

The expert believes that the start of hostilities on the part of Belarus can resume the rebellion in the state itself, and then Lukashenka will again be under the threat of destroying his regime.

Recall, on June 16, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky instructed check readiness for defense in four regions in the event of an invasion from the territory of Belarus.

And on June 17 Lukashenka threatened with strikes on Kyiv.

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Earlier, Samus told how dangerous the military group assembled by Belarus near the Ukrainian border is. According to him, the grouping of the Belarusian military is stretched from the Kyiv region to the western border of Ukraine, but it has there is not even a full-fledged first echelon not to mention the second one. The expert is sure that the Ukrainian defenders who are in that region will cope with the number of Belarusian military.

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