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According to her, as long as Russia bombs Ukraine, she will not return there.

Svetlana Loboda has no plans to return to Russia yet / photo

Popular singer from Ukraine Svetlana Loboda lived and worked in Russia for many years. There she built a successful career and became one of the highest paid singers. At the same time, she did not forget to come to Ukraine and perform here with concerts.

Fans of the star believed that after 2014 she would come to her senses and return to Ukraine. But no, the star decided to sit as a fifth point on two chairs. But only after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, she had to choose. Initially, she was silent about the war, and later “changed her shoes” and even visited the ruined Irpen, in which she was actually born.

Now she is shouting at the top of her voice that she loves and supports Ukraine. According to her, she helps the Ukrainian army and is even ready to provide financial assistance for the restoration of Irpen.

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Will Loboda return to Russia?

Now she lives in Europe with her children – Eva and Tilda. In an interview with Georgian journalist Noe Sulaberidze for his YouTube channel she said that as long as the Russian authorities continue to kill the Ukrainian people, she will not return there.

“As long as the government behaves like this, as long as it kills, it will exterminate our people, I don’t see the possibility of even thinking that I can return to Moscow and live in Russia. This is out of the question,” said the star.

She added that it was very difficult for her children to move. The eldest daughter misses home and her friends very much, and the youngest does not understand what is happening at all.

Recall that earlier Loboda answered to “expose” the scandalous journalist at the expense of her affair with Lindemann.

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