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Ambassador of Ukraine to the USA Oksana Markarova published a photo in which, as she claims, a Russian diplomat trampled on sunflowers in Washington, which were brought to the embassy by children. Sunflowers have already become a symbol of Ukraine in the United States, previously they were planted across the road from the Russian Embassy as a sign of support for Ukraine.

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“Washington, these days. Some Russian embassy employee stops before he comes in and tramples on the sunflowers that two little girls brought. The day before, the sunflowers that we planted across the road in front of the Russian embassy in April were also destroyed – uprooted “, Markarova wrote.

Symbol of Ukraine.  Russian diplomat tramples sunflowers near embassy in Washington - Markarova

According to the ambassador, these flowers “act on invaders like holy water on devils.”

“Enemies are very annoyed by every symbol that reminds the world of our struggle, dignity and victory, as well as the endless evil that the Russians inflict on our people every day. actions, justifying the killers and counting on impunity,” the ambassador said.

Symbol of Ukraine.  Russian diplomat tramples sunflowers near embassy in Washington - Markarova
  • In April, activists, public figures, diplomats from Ukraine, the United States and other countries held a rally in support of Ukraine by planting dozens of sunflowers under the Russian Embassy in Washington. The initiator of the action said that the sunflower is perceived as a plant that is associated with Ukraine, which is why this particular flower was chosen.

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