Liberation of Kherson – the people’s deputy explained the main difficulty – UNIAN

Kostenko explained why the Armed Forces of Ukraine cannot now go on the offensive in the Kherson region.

According to the MP, it is not so easy to liberate Kherson / photo

It is extremely difficult for Ukrainian servicemen to attack and expel Russian occupiers from Kherson due to their massive use of artillery.

Told about it channel 24 people’s deputy “cyborg” Roman Kostenko.

“So I talked about these massive artillery strikes by the Russian invaders, and those who served, or are military, understand that it is almost impossible to go on the offensive without suppressing artillery,” he says.

The “cyborg” called the main task for today the following: to knock out enemy equipment, take the positions of the invaders and then counterattack.

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“Under such a dense artillery rain, as they are pouring water on us, our task is to keep the defense and it is very difficult,” the people’s deputy explains.

Kostenko added that the victory is not yet close, “every Ukrainian needs to bring it closer.”

Recall residents of temporarily occupied Kherson are urged to evacuate. Ukrainians can even leave through Crimea. It is especially important for families with children to evacuate.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov is optimistic about the chances of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to release Kherson before the end of the summer.

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