Liberation of Kherson – the expert revealed the successes of the counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – UNIAN

Recall that the Ukrainian defenders are successfully moving towards the temporarily occupied Kherson, displacing Russian troops.

APU went on the offensive against Kherson / photo

Every day, events at the front near the temporarily occupied by Russians Kherson are getting more and more interesting.

Austrian military analyst Tom Cooper spoke about what is happening in the Kherson direction in a column on

According to him, at the moment Ukrainian defenders are trying to withdraw the last Russians from Khreschenovka and Zolotoy Balka.

In addition, as the expert noted, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have reached the northern side of Snigirevka and are trying to dislodge the Russians from their fortifications in Novopetrovka.

“After clearing Kiselevka in the last two days, the Ukrainians reached Klapai (7-8 km from Kherson) and repulsed the Russian counterattack on Aleksandrovka, held Stanislav and rushed to Shirokaya Balka. Meanwhile, the 49th SAA suffered enough losses to withdraw most of 10th Army Corps from the northern Kherson region is closer to the city along the western / right bank of the Dnieper,” Cooper said.

Recall that it was previously reported that Ukrainian defenders are successfully moving towards the temporarily occupied Khersondisplacing Russian troops from the second and third lines of defense.

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