Liberation of Kherson before Konya Summer

Recently, Ukrainian defenders repulsed the first line of defense of the Russian army near Kherson.

Russian troops occupied Kherson in early March / photo REUTERS

Renowned military expert Oleg Zhdanov answered the question whether the Ukrainian defenders will be able to liberate Kherson from the invaders before the end of the summer.

He expressed his opinion on this matter in an interview. TSN.

“Today it is very optimistic. Why? Because everything will depend on the pace and volume of Western weapons coming in,” he said.

As Zhdanov noted, the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine repulsed the first line of defense of the Russian army near Kherson testifies to the poor moral and psychological state of the Russians: they are not ready to stand “to the last drop of blood” defending these lines.

“They retreated from the first line. We knocked them out of the first line with minimal effort. The same thing can happen on the second and third lines,” the expert believes.

Zhdanov added that such successes are good for the Ukrainian army, but it should also be taken into account that the occupiers are more carefully enlarging the second line of defense in front of Kherson itself.

Recall residents of temporarily occupied Kherson are urged to evacuate. Ukrainians can even leave through Crimea. It is especially important for families with children to evacuate.

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