Lebanon allowed a ship with grain seen earlier in Crimea and detained to leave the port

The Ambassador of Ukraine to Lebanon notes that this decision came as a surprise to Ukrainian diplomats and indicates that the Syrian ship was forced to “flight.”

Russia exports grain from the occupied Ukrainian territories through the Crimean ports / photo:

The court in Lebanon allowed what was seen earlier in Crimea and the detained Syrian ship Laodicea with, presumably, Ukrainian grain to leave the Lebanese port of Tripoli.

As Radio Liberty Krym.Realii project was told at the Ukrainian Embassy in Lebanon, on the evening of August 3, a local court annulled previous court decisions prohibiting Laodicea from leaving the port and unloading grain.

Ambassador of Ukraine to Lebanon Igor Ostash noted that this decision was unexpected for Ukrainian diplomats and indicates that the Syrian ship was forced to “flee” after the Ukrainian embassy in Lebanon drew the attention of the world community to the facts of the export of grain from the occupied territories of southern Ukraine .

“We practically caught them by the hand, but, unfortunately, the decision of the court tonight surprised us very much. This decision is to annul all previous decisions and allow the ship to withdraw to Syria. This means that they are just running away. They are shamefully fleeing from Lebanon,” Ostash said.

The Ukrainian embassy noted that the evidence collected by Ukrainian diplomats in a short time indicates that Russia is exporting grain from the occupied Ukrainian territories through the Crimean ports. After the publication of these facts, it is practically impossible for other similar vessels with Ukrainian grain to hide their routes and cargoes, the ambassador emphasized.

“We managed to show the whole world that this is really stolen grain, and, obviously, this will be a warning to everyone who still wants to repeat this path,” Ostash said.

As UNIAN reported, on July 27 to the port of Tripoli (Lebanon) a Syrian ship entered with Russian-stolen Ukrainian barley. Ostash asked the President of this country to take measures to clarify the circumstances of the stay of this vessel in Lebanese territorial waters.

On July 31, it became known that the ship Laodicea, loaded with barley and wheat, probably stolen from Ukraine, was detained in Lebanon.

Today, August 3, Ostash reported that the ship detained in Lebanon was carrying flour from the occupied Crimea, made from Berdyansk wheat. “We have just received irrefutable evidence that the flour that Laodicea was carrying was not from Russia, but from the occupied Crimea. This is Krasnogvardeyskoye. And the second photo is tracking wheat from occupied Berdyansk to Krasnogvardeysky,” the ambassador wrote on Facebook.

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