Laima Vaikule took the stage with the flag of Ukraine (video) – UNIAN

The singer said that she is against the war in Ukraine.

Laima Vaikule supported Ukraine in the war / photo from UNIAN

Latvian singer Laima Vaikule On July 31, she gave a concert, during which she took the stage with the flag of Ukraine.

The star noted that she was against the war in Ukraine, and therefore the decision to support our country was the only right one for her.

“How could it be otherwise? What else could be expected of me? We live in Latvia, I am a citizen of Latvia, our policy and position are clear … I think that there are no people in Latvia who are for the war. Here we are looking at the blue sky , and they launch rockets in Ukraine, killing all living things,” the singer said in a comment Delphi.

She added that she has no plans to return to Russia yet. Therefore, while her concerts will not be there.

Recall that earlier Laima Vaikule, who spoke out in support of Ukraine, flew away in the USA together with his beloved Andrey Latkovsky. The official reason for leaving is for medical reasons.

The artist also admitted that she communicates with her friends from Ukraine.

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