Kuleba: Even if Russia stands near Kyiv again, we will plan de-occupation of Crimea – Ukrainian news, Politics

Foreign Secretary Dmitry Kuleba said that Ukraine would plan the de-occupation of Crimea in any scenario of the development of the war with Russia. He said this in an interview Ukrinform.

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According to him, at the Crimean Platform summit on August 23, everything that contributes to the liberation of Crimea from the Russians through diplomatic efforts will be discussed.

β€œIt would seem that there is a war going on, and it could be postponed? But we want to send a very clear signal: even if theoretically this will not happen, but if theoretically the enemy will again stand near Kyiv, we will still plan the de-occupation of Crimea,” he said. Kuleba.

He noted that one should always think strategically, because “the moment will come when we de-occupy our territories.”

“There will be no such moment in history when we will be ‘not up to Crimea’, ‘not up to Lysichansk’ or some other city that is temporarily occupied. Yes, we are talking about diplomacy, but we are talking about it,” the diplomat said .

The minister stressed that in some capitals there is an informal narrative that “Crimea is, of course, Ukraine, but you should be careful with it, as it is a bare nerve of Russia.” He said that Ukraine will talk about Crimea whenever it wants, and will do whatever it wants with regard to the peninsula.

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