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Foreign Secretary Dmitry Kuleba called Hungary “the fifth column of itself” and not the Kremlin, and said that the problem will be when the ambiguous statements of the Hungarian authorities coincide with their actions, but so far this is not happening. He said this in an interview Ukrinform.

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The journalist asked the Foreign Minister what will be the relations between Ukraine and Hungary after the last statements prime minister Viktor Orban about Russia’s war against Ukraine, and whether Hungary can now be considered the Kremlin’s fifth column in the EU and NATO.

“I think that Hungary is a ‘fifth column’ of itself. This is their internal policy, and the Hungarian people will have to figure out how it meets their interests,” Kuleba said.

The Minister stressed that it is necessary to separate statements, although they are unpleasant and emotional, and real decisions. The Foreign Minister recalled that Hungary is joining the sanctions, but as part of the discussion within the EU, Hungary is “knocking down” some potential new sanctions. However, according to the minister, “it has not yet reached a critical level to say that any significant step has not taken place because of Hungary.”

He also recalled that Hungary supported granting Ukraine the status of a candidate member of the EU.

“That is, until Hungary’s statements coincide with its decisions on Ukraine, you can live and work. If what they say starts to coincide with what they do, then there will be a problem,” the minister concluded.

  • Relations between Ukraine and Hungary became especially complicated with the outbreak of a full-scale war in Russia.
  • Budapest has delayed EU sanctions packages, notably one under which the bloc would ban Russian oil imports by the end of the year.
  • Official Budapest categorically distanced himself from military assistance to Ukraine, including through supply ban her Western arms through its territory.
  • In early July, the head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry announced a new explanation for the refusal to help Ukraine with weapons: “Russia may strike at Transcarpathiaand then there are the Hungarians.

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