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The Kyiv mayor’s office explained how they will fulfill the requirement of the Kyiv Defense Council ground public transport stop during an air raid. On the site The Kyiv City State Administration assures that passengers will not have to pay for the second time – at least in municipal transport.

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Trams after the start of the alarm will take passengers to the nearest stop, buses and trolleybuses – to the nearest stop or place where you can get off and try to find a bomb shelter.

After the end of the alarm, the driver will wait for passengers for 10 minutes. Passengers who do not make it in time will be able to use the next tram or bus.

You don’t need to pay the fare again. In municipal transport, this will not be a problem, assured the first deputy head of the Kyiv City State Administration Nikolai Povoroznik. Private carriers are also being urged to credit passengers with pre-paid fares once traffic resumes.

“I urge citizens to treat the safety rule with understanding and immediately go to shelter after stopping the transport and not create congestion at stops. After the end of the air raid, passengers will be able to continue driving in the same vehicle or use the next one,” Povoroznik said.

Shelter map posted on the official portal of the city of Kyiv and in mobile app Kyiv Digital.

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