Kosovo plans to attack Serbs in the north of the country

According to him, the operation to oppress the Serbs should begin at midnight.

Vucic accused Kosovo of wanting to attack the Serbs / photo

The army of Kosovo is allegedly going to attack Serbs in the north of the country at midnight on July 31.

This was stated by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, writes SD.

“I think that we have never been in a more difficult and difficult situation than today. Why did I say this? The Pristina regime is trying to use the mood in the world by presenting itself as a victim. They think they can play the card “big Putin ordered little Putin” , he said.

According to Vučić, Kosovo will at the same time block the entry of citizens with Serbian documents and require the re-registration of the car to Kosovo numbers, according to the decree, which will come into force on August 1.

Later, information was leaked to the media that the Serbian army had already entered Kosovo. However, the ministry declaredthat “haven’t done it yet”.

“The Ministry of Defense reports that the Serbian army has not yet crossed the administrative line and in no way invaded the territory of Kosovo and Metohija,” they stressed.

It should be noted that according to unconfirmed information, Serbia is pulling an army, including aviation, to the border with Kosovo.

Recall that earlier the top functionary of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party, Vladimir Djukanovic, announced the need to “denazify” the Balkan countries. Hours after his announcement, the media reported that Armed clashes broke out on the border between Kosovo and Serbia.

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