Kosovo conflict – Serbia prepares to invade Kosovo

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic warned about the plans Kosovo government incursions to the northern regions of Serbia, using the entry ban for citizens with documents issued in Serbia.

The “authorities of the republic” will block the entry of citizens with documents issued in Serbia and will require the re-registration of the car to Kosovo numbers. This was stated by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, reports SD.

“I think that we have never been in a more difficult and difficult situation than today. Why did I say this? The Pristina regime is trying, imagining itself a victim, to use the mood in the world,” the Serbian president said.

He added that two units with 21 tons of fuel were sent to administrative posts “to stop those who have Serbian identity cards.”

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“All this should start today at midnight, with the conviction of the Serbs at the same time to abandon the KM numbers,” Vučić said.

Earlier, the Serbs built barricades and blocked the way for the Albanian special forces in the cities of Rudar and Zupcha.

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