Kosovo and Serbia – Russia may use the Balkan conflict to foment war in the center of Europe – UNIAN

In the event of more serious clashes, the KFOR contingent, which is located in Kosovo, will intervene in the situation.

The situation in the north of Kosovo has escalated / photo

Balkan conflict is an excellent field for Russia to use this situation in order to foment war in the center of Europe.

This was announced by Balkanist expert Maria Geletey on air. national telethon.

“It’s a great field for Russia to take advantage of this situation, because Russia is taking advantage of any little unrest in the Balkans: it’s using the situation in Macedonia that happened a few months ago, it’s using Kosovo. If you look at the Western and Ukrainian media, we have the usual mention of situation, and the Russians are calling that another front line is starting there and a war is starting. Although we did not see the war, we saw the usual confrontation, the usual protest,” Geletei said.

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According to her, the situation between Serbia and Kosovo could escalate into a military conflict, so the Kosovo side, after consultations with Western partners, made concessions. At the same time, in case of more serious clashes, the KFOR contingent, which is located in Kosovo, will intervene in the situation.

“They did not intervene in this situation that arose these days, because there was no reason. They watched it. But if it develops more seriously, they will intervene. And this will save at least Kosovo from such a war. But it can be another country in the Balkans is Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is also very sensitive to conflicts, it is very divided,” the expert said.

She noted that Russia can also use this situation to ignite a war in the center of Europe, and then it will be difficult for the Europeans to support Ukraine and the Balkans at the same time.

The conflict between Kosovo and Serbia: what is known

As UNIAN reported, on July 31 armed clashes broke out in northern Kosovo due to changes in the rules of travel in Kosovo.

After that, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić stated that the Kosovo army is allegedly going to attack the Serbs In the north of the country.

At the same time, Prime Minister Albin Kurti blamed Vučić himself and the Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija for the unrest.

The command of the KFOR contingent (the NATO-led international security force in Kosovo) said they were ready to intervene in the situation if necessary.

Subsequently, the Kosovo authorities stated that postpones procedure for banning Serbian documents until September 1st.

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