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Head of the Nikolaev Regional Military Administration Vitaly Kim said that there were no plans to organize a mandatory evacuation in the region, despite a sharp increase in the number of shelling. He said this during briefing August 2.

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Against the background of the beginning mandatory evacuation From the Ukrainian-controlled settlements of the Donetsk region, Kim was asked if the Nikolaev authorities were planning to carry out similar activities due to the large number of attacks.

“Now we are not planning a forced evacuation. If we talk about forced evacuation, this is the first front line, but our Armed Forces are moving forward now, so this is out of the question,” Kim said.

He also stressed that 403 people have been killed in the Mykolaiv region since the start of the full-scale invasion, and another 1,435 people have been injured, which, according to Kim, is a “moderate figure” compared to other regions.

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