Kherson. The satellite filmed two crossings of the Russian army across the Dnieper near the destroyed bridges: photo – Ukrainian news, Regional news

Near Kherson, the Russian army began to transport military equipment across the Dnieper using a ferry crossing. This was recorded by the company’s satellite Planet Labstransmits Radio Liberty.

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It is noted that there are two ferry crossings of Russians near the Antonovsky bridge: one is near the railway, the second is near the automobile. Both bridges were previously were damaged strikes by the Ukrainian military.

Kherson.  Satellite filmed two crossings of Russians near the destroyed bridges - photo

If about the crossing at the automobile bridge, the occupiers declared publicly claiming it was being used for civilian use, the first satellite image of the railway bridge crossing was taken on 1 August. Then there were six pieces of equipment on it, and four more were on the shore.

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Kherson.  Satellite filmed two crossings of Russians near the destroyed bridges - photo

Military expert Nikolai Beleskov says the vehicles are similar to the tilt trucks typically used to transport weapons, ammunition, food and other supplies.

“As far as I understand, these ferries are not very capacious in terms of the amount of equipment that can be transported at one time,” the expert says.

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